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Anonymous by C.L. Reid Author

When 16-year-old Carrie Singer receives gifts from her secret admirer, she fails to understand the danger that lies ahead for her. The gifts lead to phone calls and the feeling she is being followed, hearing footsteps and not realising that her worries are to be realised sooner rather than later. Then, one fateful day, when she is walking down the street, she is knocked out by a man in a balaclava and voice disguiser who calls himself ‘Anonymous’. He drags her through the bushes to the clearing, handcuffs her to a pole in the ground and waits for her to wake up before he assaults her and then threatens her and her family to keep quiet.

As a result of this trauma, Carrie alienates her own friends and acts out at home, where her mother and brother notice but she won’t tell them what’s going on. She interacts with the wrong crowd of people at school, drinking, smoking and taking drugs, while Anonymous continues sending her ‘gifts’ and assaulting her.

How will this all end? Who is Carrie’s attacker? Why is he so focused on her? Why does he keep coming back for more? Only time will tell. What will Carrie do when she finally unmasks her attacker? Does she actually know him? Or is he a complete stranger?

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